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The need to address abuse of NYSC kits by non-serving corps members-Samuel Adeyinka

By  Samuel Adeyinka

The need to respect National Symbols cannot be over emphasized and this should come naturally to every patriotic citizen.

National Symbols usually represent authority, power, pride, integrity and dignity of a country and must be treated with respect at all times.

In Nigeria the Naira notes, national Flag, Coat of Arm, Mace of the legislative arm of government, uniforms of the Military, Police, para-military agencies as well as those of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are some of the national symbols.

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Despite their importance, it is worrisome to observe how some citizens continue to treat these symbols with disdain.

For instance, non-Corps members such as Commercial Motorcycle operators popularly known as Okada Riders, Apprentice, Scavengers, even Sachet Water hawkers wearing NYSC kits on the streets even in the Nation’s Capital Territory, Abuja and other popular cities across the Country.

It had even gotten to the extent that seeing Lunatics by roadsides putting on the National Youth Corps uniform or the jungle booths and caps.


Also some Social Media, handlers usually awashed the internet with ridiculous post of NYSC kits on the platform of clacking jokes.

The most trending ones was a young guy sew NYSC Uniform in Babanriga designed with the NYSC Logo displaying himself on various Social Media platforms.

Not only this, some destitute had also been seen at the bus stop and Markets wearing NYSC kits begging for alms or doing a manner of illicit activities. All these need to be checked, as it is discrediting the objective of the programme and can easily discourage those aspiring to go for the Youth Service programme.

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There is no doubt that the Abuse of NYSC kits will not only rubbish the Organisation which was established in 1973 with good national intention, but could diminish the integrity, pride and Joy associated with being a Patriotic Nigerian and being a Graduate.

Ajuwaya is not complete without the Orange Jungle Booths or White Canvas. Why should this be rubbished. Police and other security operatives should help sanitize this abuse in the society.

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The NYSC authorities as a matter of urgency, should intensify its orientation for Corps members on the proper disposal of their kits after service. All serving and intending Corps members should also see it, as a call for National Service that warrants respect from all and Sundry just to convince those calling for the abolishment of the Scheme not to do so.  Nigerians should know that the one-year Mandatory service is not a waste of time but a call to build a better Nigeria.

Adeyinka, a journalist with FRCN writes from Abuja

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