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Over 400 Nigerians killed in November alone – Investigation


A report on the security situation in Nigeria says more than 400 Nigerians were killed in November alone and kidnappings have increased mainly in the northern part of the country.

The report also said that the killings took place in 28 states of Nigeria in 115 local government areas in November alone.

Beacon Consulting publishes a report on its security situation in Nigeria on a monthly basis and makes recommendations to the authorities.

Solacebase reports that Beacon Consulting is a security risk management and intelligence consulting company.

According to the report, kidnappings in Nigeria increased by almost 38 percent in November compared to the October figures.

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Statistics show 363 people were abducted across Nigeria in November.

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The report also said there was a 41 percent drop in the number of homicides in the country compared to an October report in which the company said 636 people had been killed.

The October report shows that for the fourth month in a row more than 600 people have been killed in Nigeria since June, the deadliest month in Nigeria in 2021 with 1031 people killed.

The report shows how the company conducted research and analysis and compiled their statistics in November. And the magnitude of the threat of attacks in northern Nigeria despite the measures taken by the federal government and the states.

According to the report, the figures include those killed in the Boko Haram insurgency, as well as bandits in northwestern and central Nigeria and those killed by security forces on the job, as well as officials themselves, with securities who lost their lives on the battlefield.

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There is also an increase in crime in southwestern Nigeria and the election situation in Anambra State and prison break-ins in Plateau State.

The report highlights the resurgence of kidnappings for ransom on the Abuja-Kaduna highway. There has also been an increase in political turmoil.

The report shows that the north-west region has a higher rate of killings and kidnappings than in other parts of Nigeria.

Statistics show that 204 people were abducted and 163 killed in November. Statistics show that the number of people killed in the region decreased in November compared to the October report in which 258 people were killed in the northwest.

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In the north-central 133 people were abducted, according to the report, while 37 were killed in the region.

In the northeast, the report said five people were abducted while 151 people were killed in November.

The report said its investigation monitored the actions of security forces in the fight against terrorists in the north central and northwest in November.

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