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Remarkable Legacy of Engr. Ramat: Reflecting on Four years of his impact as Ungoggo LG Chair- Muhammad Hussain

By Muhammad Hussain

In the annals of Ungoggo’s local governance, Engr. Ramat stands out as an exemplary leader, hailed as the greatest Chairman of all time. As he gracefully concludes his tenure, a wave of commendation surrounds him, particularly for his substantial exit marked by a monumental empowerment program.

Ramat showcased an exceptional demonstration of youth capacity in leadership, leaving an indelible mark on the local government. A leader’s true essence is reflected in the progress of those around him,  he laid a solid foundation within his inner circle and close associates, by making them self-reliant.

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His leadership was intricately woven around four pillars: Human Development, Infrastructure Development, Technology and Innovation, and Open and Inclusive Government.

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Ramat orchestrated programs that lifted thousands from poverty and unemployment, prioritizing the well-being of the Ungoggo people. The landscape of Ungoggo transformed under his tenure, with significant strides in building essential infrastructures that enhanced the quality of life for the community.

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A pioneer in addressing security challenges, Ramat introduced the groundbreaking “LURA” software, a technological marvel aimed at tackling insecurity in specific areas of Ungoggo. His commitment to innovation extended to the initiation of an Ungoggo-owned university, propelling education to new heights.

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Ramat fostered a government that embraced openness and inclusivity, where the needs of the people were heard and addressed.

Notably, Engr. Ramat’s administration distinguished itself by being the first to institute a fully funded scholarship for Ungoggo indigenes, showcasing a dedication to education that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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His tenure witnessed the empowerment of thousands and the employment of many, solidifying his reputation as a leader with a genuine commitment to the well-being of his constituents. The people of Ungoggo, recognizing his selfless service and dedication to human capital development, affectionately referred to him as their governor, transcending the typical role of a local government chairman.

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As Engr. Ramat bids farewell to his role, the trust, confidence, and accolades he has garnered locally and internationally serve as a testament to his promising future in politics. Ungoggo will undoubtedly miss this icon and leader par excellence, leaving a legacy that will resonate for generations to come.


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