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Fact Check: Video showing people rushing bread in Ilorin is old, unconnected to current hardship 

A video accompanied by a false claim that Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, dumped bread on a bare floor for people to scramble has recently gone viral on social media, particularly WhatsApp and X (formerly known as Twitter). 

“This is incredible and totally unacceptable. Where do we start from? This is where the APC landed Nigerians. Hunger everywhere,” the caption of the video shared on WhatsApp read on Saturday.  

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To confirm the authenticity of the post, SOLACEBASE did a Google reverse image search. We discovered that the video first appeared online on Jan. 19, 2023, when many Nigerians were captured on camera trooping in their numbers to get their share from a heap of bread loaves made available for supporters during an election campaign in Ilorin. 

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SOLACEBASE has reported how Nigerians who live on tiny margins between their income and needs are struggling to survive.

However, the viral video is unconnected to the ongoing economic hardship in the country. 

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